“I suffered from ongoing respiratory allergies and asthma that caused chronic sinus headaches and severe nasal congestion since June 2011.  It began when I had strep throat that occurred along with a terrible seasonal allergy. That’s when the unbearable sinus swelling began.  On a scale of 1-10, it was the highest 10 imaginable!! It negatively affected all aspects of my life.  I was treated by my general family practitioner and was prescribed many prescription medications that caused high blood pressure, severe facial swelling and weight gain.  As a child, a family friend urged by family to seek Dr. Ing’s help for my scoliosis, which he did!  My only regret is not seeking the expertise of Dr. Ing and Dr. Calderone sooner.  I recently moved a somewhat far distance from Ing Chiropractic, but it has proven well worth the commute.  My symptoms are virtually gone and I feel relief that I hadn’t felt in months.  Two weeks of treatment with Dr. Ing and Dr. Calderone have accomplished what months of medicine could not!”

Jennifer G., 9/2011


“I was involved in an auto accident on August 1st. Had whiplash, neck and back strain. I had seen other doctors and they prescribed meds to cover up my symptoms. My sister in law referred me to Dr. Ing. I look forward to visits because Dr. Ing and Dr. Priscilla help relieve my pain and restore function. I feel like I can do more activities and am able to resume my normal routines.”

Secola C., 10/2011


“I had injured my left shoulder on August 18, 2011 at work when I lost my footing while holding onto a railing but pulled and twisted my shoulder very hard. It was a pain severity of #10.  I didn’t bother with other doctors and came straight here and got instant relief without artificial pain killers.  My younger sister had researched and found that you guys are the best.  After coming here, I get good results providing me with the ability to keep working.”

Margaret S., 10/2011